The Spaces of Bookselling with Kristen Highland

Date & Time: Mar 31, 2023 02:00 PM London
Zoom Meeting: (Meeting ID: 983 2745 6202)

Claiming Space: Sidewalk Bookselling and Belonging in New York City

Highland, K. 2023. The Spaces of Bookselling: Stores, Streets, and PagesThis talk explores sidewalk bookselling in New York City as a dynamic space and practice for redrawing cultural, social, and legal boundaries of belonging for the bookseller and their customer-readers. Sidewalk booksellers everywhere must erect their tables on the unstable and shifting space of the sidewalk as regulated and politicized public and social space. In New York City in the late 20th and early 21st centuries, while sidewalk booksellers benefited from First Amendment exemptions for vending print material, municipal space management strategies continued to circumscribe and contain street bookselling. Within this tension, New York City’s sidewalk booksellers crafted geographies of belonging through diverse strategies of evading regulatory enforcement and cultivating intellectual and social exchange. Using the liminal and contested space of the sidewalk not only to make a living but also to create an inclusive space that incorporates the book and bookselling into the dynamics of urban social exchange, New York City’s sidewalk booksellers assert the value of books on streets.

Following Kristen’s talk, she will be interviewed by Eben Muse about her recent CUP Element, The Spaces of Bookselling, followed by an open Q&A session with all attendees.

Kristin Highland Kristen Highland is Assistant Professor of English at American University of Sharjah in the United Arab Emirates. Her research focuses on book history and the material dimensions of literary culture, including the social and cultural life of American bookstores, as well as digital humanities and mapping. She has recently published The Spaces of Bookselling: Stores, Streets, and Pages with the Cambridge University Press Elements in Publishing and Book Culture series.

Bookshops: Online and On the High Street

The 2nd Annual Bookselling Research Network Conference, in association with the Centre for Book Cultures and Publishing

When: 3rd-4th July 2023
Where: University of Reading
CFP Deadline: Extended to 15 March

Jeff Deutsch, in his recent In Praise of Good Bookstores, reflected that because “we no longer need bookstores to buy books…bookstores might well be an inefficient and inconvenient way to buy books in the twenty-first century.” Yet, as he goes on to show, and the industry seems to confirm, “good bookstores” are evident everywhere. The second annual Bookselling Research Network conference looks to discuss both the impact of bookshops in an era of online retailing and how booksellers, the book trade, and book-reading communities use online environments to return people back to the bookshop – wherever in the world these might be. What are the affordances, pitfalls, and challenges of bookselling in a digital era? What innovative, unique, or era-defying practices are evident and thriving? How have changes in bookselling affected literary production and reception? What cultural or political concerns remain prevalent for booksellers? What does it mean to operate a bookshop today?

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Feminist & Queer Bookshops – Community and Censure

A BRN Online Symposium — open to the public

Join Dr Kathy Liddle and Dr Sarah Pyke as they present their work on feminist and queer bookstores as places of contested cultural interactions.

Place: Zoom ( / Meeting ID: 945 0316 6927)
Date and Time: Feb 24, 2023 02:00 PM London

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Revisiting El comercio de librería en América Latina

Since 2019, the Instituto Caro y Cuervo, under the lead of the M.A Publishing Studies coordinator, Juan David Murillo[1], worked to develop an international colloquium to reconstruct and reflect on the socio-cultural history of bookshops in Latin America: Coloquio internacional. El comercio de librería en América Latina: inicios, expansiones, conexiones (siglos xviii-xx. This international colloquium ran online from 21st to 23rd April 2021 with the support of Red Latinoamericana de Cultura Gráfica. It brought together more than four hundred attendees and a select group of twenty-eight speakers, plus twelve moderators from around the world (from places such as Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Bolivia, Colombia, Chile, Peru, and some other European countries), among which were Jean-Yves Mollier, Pedro Rueda, Arnulfo de Santiago, Marisa Midori Deaecto and Marina Garone. The proceedings were recorded and made available on Caro y Cuervo TV. Desde 2019, el Instituto Caro y Cuervo, bajo la cabeza del coordinador de la Maestría en Estudios Editoriales., Juan David Murillo[1] –y como parte de un proyecto de investigación– propuso desarrollar un coloquio internacional que permitiera avanzar y reflexionar sobre la historia sociocultural de las librerías en América Latina. Del 21 al 23 de abril de 2021, y con el apoyo de la Red Latinoamericana de Cultura Gráfica, Este importante encuentro tuvo lugar de forma virtual, reuniendo a más de cuatrocientos asistentes para escuchar a un selecto grupo de veintiocho ponentes, además de doce moderadores de varios países (como Argentina, Brasil, México, Bolivia, Colombia, Chile, Perú y algunos otros países europeos), entre los que se destacaban Jean-Yves Mollier, Pedro Rueda Ramírez, Arnulfo de Santiago, Marisa Midori  Deaecto  y Marina Garone, por nombrar algunos de ellos.
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