26 January 2024, 2:00 pm UK time
https://bangor-ac-uk.zoom.us/j/97907930702 (Meeting ID: 979 0793 0702)

Join us for a session talking with Pritha Mukherjee and Kanupriya Dhingra about the bookselling in India.

Topics are likely to include:

  • what ‘proper’ bookselling comprises in India;
  • the effect of the publishing business on bookselling;
  • the space of the book bazaar focussing on Delhi’s Daryaganj and Kolkata’s College Street;
  • a re-think of the models of ‘parallel’ and ‘proper’.

More details will be coming in November.

By Eben J Muse

Dr Eben J. Muse is a Reader in Bookselling at the School of Arts, Culture(s) and Language at Bangor University. He has been Co-Director of Stephen Colclough Centre for the History and Culture of the Book since 2016. He was raised in a bookstore in Massachusetts which he now owns, and he conducts research into the business and culture of bookstores. He is currently editing the Books & Bookselling strand of the Cambridge Elements Series Publishing and Book Culture and co-director of the Bookselling Research Network.