The Bookselling Research Network

Welcome to The Bookselling Research Network! 

Who are we?  We are researchers, booksellers, publishers, and people and associations from around the world who share a common interest in the history, practice, and culture of bookselling.  

The Network is led by Dr Eben Muse (Bangor University, The Stephen Colclough Centre for the History and Culture of the Book) and Dr Samantha Rayner (UCL, The Centre for Publishing and the Bloomsbury CHAPTER), and supported by the Booksellers Association and the Books Council of Wales.  PhD student Maria Vassilopoulos (UCL) is the Network’s Resource Manager. 

What does the BRN provide? 

  • access to a community of people who are connected to work around bookshops and bookselling
  • an online hub for news, research, queries, and information about bookshops, booksellers, and bookselling in the UK and across the world
  • events on aspects of bookselling, including (we hope!) a biennial international conference on bookselling and bookshops
  • the chance for knowledge exchange between different communities connected to bookshops (booksellers, researchers, publishers, associations, readers)
  • a resource bank of materials (archival, ephemeral, teaching-related) for use in work around bookselling

Network Aims

The Bookselling Research Network aims to:

  • identify and connect people working in bookselling, or researching bookselling, or working in areas linked to bookselling
  • support the strategic decision-making of the Booksellers Association and UK book councils by researching bookshop-related histories, economic environments, professional practices and cultural impacts;
  • make bookselling research available via public events (conferences, symposia, lectures and workshops) and publications (journal articles, trade articles, books, reports);
  • develop the field of bookselling so that knowledge gaps are filled, and research demonstrates the impact bookshops and booksellers have (and have had) on our cultural, economic, and social;
  • provide an evidence base for strategic development of bookselling in both its physical and online forms;
  • enhance and raise awareness of the cultural, economic and social value of bookshops (in all their forms) and bookselling across the world.

How do I join?

To join, simply complete the request form here or send an email to the two Chairs, Dr Eben Muse (e.****@ba****.uk) and Dr Samantha Rayner (s.******@uc*.uk), outlining what your connection to bookselling is and why you would like to be part of the Network.