Reviving the High Street report

Earlier this week, RISE Bookselling unveiled the campaign on ‘Reviving the high street: Booksellers Call to Action’, in response to the increasing challenges that booksellers and retailers working across European town centres and high streets are facing. 

On behalf of European booksellers, this RISE call to action urges local politicians and relevant stakeholders to implement clear and practical measures to support local businesses and invest in city centres for a resilient and thriving high street. 

Booksellers and retailers working across European town centres and high streets are facing increasing challenges, from the growth of online retail and the closure of retail spaces to soaring overhead costs and insufficient investment in local infrastructure.

Following a series of workshops conducted the first half of 2023 in France, Germany and the United Kingdom, RISE Bookselling has put together a report with the key findings and 9 calls to action: Reviving the high street: Booksellers Call to Action.

To highlight the key calls to action, RISE are launching the awareness raising and communications campaign ‘Reviving the high street’.

Throughout the month of October, they are presenting 9 calls to action on their social media channels under the hashtag #BookShopLocally, along with supporting material such as infographics and videos, in collaboration with different booksellers and bookselling associations.

RISE Bookselling is a network programme organized by the European and International Booksellers Federation (EIBF) and co-funded by the Creative Europe programme of the European Union.

EIBF is a non-commercial European and international umbrella organisation representing national booksellers associations and booksellers around the world. Through its member associations, EIBF speaks on behalf of more than 25.000 individual booksellers.

Report cover for "Reviving the High Street: Booksellers Call to Action"

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